Make Any Room Look Better Decorated With These Things

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Make Any Room Look Better Decorated  With These Things

Looking to decorate to make a room look better? Moving into a new place in the Southcoast and want to make it feel like home? It’s important to make your space a safe place where you can feel comfortable and happy. This means decorating in a way that will liven up your space and make it feel yours. There are a few tips designers can give you to help achieve your dream home, one room at a time.

Check out the list below if you want to see different techniques and tricks to make any room look amazing.


High Ceilings on a Low Budget

A huge craze in home decorating right now is high ceilings. They make a room look bigger and more welcoming than what low ceilings can bring. A quick tip to trick people into thinking your ceilings are higher than they actually are is to hang a long vertical mirror across from a window in the room. Since the mirror is long vertically, it will help seem like the wall reaches higher than it actually does. Facing it opposite a window also brings in more natural light, which is a must if you want to make a room look bigger.


Curtain Color, Placement, and Fabric

Like we said, natural light is a must, so when picking out curtains it’s important to remember that you aren’t trying to completely cancel out the sunlight. Some lighter colored curtains can make a room seem bigger because they don’t block as much light.

Sheer curtains are perfect for allowing natural light to come into a room and brighten the space. If no curtain is sheer enough to bring the illusion of a bigger room to life, maybe try and forgo them all together. This makes the space look airy and roomy. Another quick tip would be to hang the curtains above the window frames, this continues to give the room the ‘higher ceiling’ look we discussed earlier. 


Build a Bookcase

Built-in shelves are popular in room design these days. They eliminate the need for shelves, which gets rid of unnecessary furniture and leaves more space in the room. They can also help control the clutter that tends to build on shelves. A little clutter is fine on the shelving units, but it’s also important to leave some unused space.

Color Coordination is Key

Color coordinating a room can make the whole area look and feel more organized. Try and match your furniture to the colors on the wall. Having a splash of color is always fun, but don’t make it outrageous unless that’s the look you’re going for. By making the previously discussed built-in shelves a different color than the rest of the wall, you can add dimension in a room that may be lacking it. Another fun tip would be to use lighter colors not just on the wall, but on the flooring. Lighter colors give the illusion of more space.


No Doors Needed

A simple way to make a room look better is to eliminate the doors. An open concept room always seems to be larger than when there’s a door blocking the exit. Even if tearing down walls is impossible, leaving out the door can make a world of difference.


Accent Pieces Can Make a Room

Table lamps instead of overhead lighting make for a larger space and help natural lighting be more noticeable. One hanging art piece on a wall can help accentuate the whole wall. Green plants or small knick knacks can help bring a more personable or ‘homey’ atmosphere than leaving shelves bare. 

Pieces of furniture that have legs on them and are low to the ground allow light to travel under it, creating the illusion of a bigger room. Area rugs can help bring a room together, but bare floors help the room seem more spacious.

These tips can help make any room in your house look better. Everyone wants a space where they can feel at home and happy; This list is just an easy way to do small changes to help achieve that feeling. And remember, just have fun with it!





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