Home Decorating Tips for Summer

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Home Decorating Tips for Summer

Summer is here and so is home summer decorating! Summer decorating is so much fun because it gives you an opportunity to update your decor, not only on the outside, but on the inside of your home as well. The key to summer decorating is keeping it light, bright and even beachy. This can be done with fabrics, paint or even knick knacks. A few accessories can change the air completely, but if you’re feeling a more drastic makeover, you can buy new outdoor furniture and decor. This will also come in handy in the South coast, giving it that extra beachy vibe. And the good thing is, when fall comes, these things can be easily stored and kept fresh for next year.

So, let’s get decorating! Take a look at a few tips to help you decorate this summer


Colorful outdoor furniture for summer parties

Summer parties are sure to move you outside, which is why you should have comfortable and bright outdoor furniture. Bright accents can come from outdoor pillows and blankets, just in case nights get chilly. To make sure your outside matches your inside, choose accessories that are the same color palette and things will seem to flow much easier. Furniture should also be positioned in a way that encourages conversation and hanging out, so the party can last through the night!


Re-decorate your porch for more outside space

Speaking of summer parties, you can also turn your porch into a party space. With summer in full bloom, we always want to be outside, so why not turn your porch into a great spot for entertaining or just relaxing on a summer night. With small outdoor furniture and accessories, your porch can give you even more space for dining or entertaining. One trick to make your porch pop even more is to give your door a summer painting.

Outdoor lighting is a great way to spruce up your house for the summer, so keep reading to find out this super helpful tip. 


Add fun outdoor lighting

Speaking of summer parties, how about decorating with string lights? These are the epitome of summer decorating. Why do you think so many restaurants do it? They make up the ambiance of summer nights outside with friends and family. It creates a magical atmosphere that is perfect for sitting outside with a cold drink. With such a big selection of string lights available, you can pick whichever style you like, including colored and themed options, although classic white bulbs always do the trick and fit with any style you might have in your home.


Liven up your patio with an outdoor rug

If your outdoor furniture is bland or neutral, you can choose an outdoor rug to liven up your patio. You can choose rugs with lots of summer colors, making it the focal point of your outside decorating. A fun tip when choosing your rug is to match it with the colors of your summer-blooming flowers, making for a perfect combination.


What about what you can do inside the home? These next tips are great for an inside summer vibe


Summery duvets to lighten up your mood

A nice and bright new duvet or bed covering can completely change the feel of your bedroom. For hot summer days, choose fabrics that are light, like linen and cotton. To brighten up your mood and make it feel even more like summer, use beachy patterns and colors like aquas and yellows. 

If you’re not into the whole coastal theme, you can add small touches of beachy style in any room that fits your color palette, so the room feels like summer, but is not full-blown coastal. 


Brighten up your bathroom with a colorful shower curtain

Replacing your shower curtain with the change of every season is a great way to give your bathroom a refreshing makeover without going through an expensive renovation. If you clean it and store it well, you can keep your different shower curtains for years to come and rotate them with the seasons.

 Make sure to get a colorful shower curtain that says summer and brightens up your mornings. As a fun tip, get a set of seasonal towels to match your new shower curtain, changing the mood of your bathroom instantly. 


Summer scents for that beachy vibe

Summer decorating is not only visual but can come through smell as well. Great summer scents are those that are tropical, like coconut or vanilla, and citrus scents, like lemon or orange. These will make you feel like you’re at the beach or outside. Beach scents like ocean breeze and beach cottage are also a good idea 

The secret to getting the perfect mix of scents is to choose only a few from the same brand, making it more consistent. The way to mix it up is with candle holders or diffusers that match each room, making it look even more custom. 


Pops of color

Adding pops of color throughout the house is the easiest and cheapest way to decorate your home for summer. Graphic paintings, fresh flowers or bright silverware are sure to add brightness to any space. Mix bright florals, tropical or nautical patterns for splashes of color Accent dishes also add touches of color and make your dinner parties so much more interesting.

These tips are sure to give you ideas on how to spruce up your home and get it ready for summer. The upcoming months should be fun and full of joy, so make sure to give yourself that push to redecorate when starting the summer so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Ready to get decorating?







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