10 Trending Home Exterior Paint Colors of 2019

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10 Trending Home Exterior Paint Colors of 2019

Trending exterior paint colors of 2019

The exterior of your home is one of the biggest details you should pay attention to. Curb appeal is essential to a home’s value and the integration it has into the community. It also helps with making your home feel more welcoming. Maintaining the exterior of your home is not always an easy task, but it is an important factor that will make you feel comfortable and proud of your property. Looking out for things such as cracking, chipping paint and regular signs of wear and tear are important when it comes to keeping your home in working order, as well as beautifying the exterior and keeping it feeling fresh.

The best way to update your home’s exterior is to update its color. A new paint job will make your home feel alive again, which is why we’ve made a list of the trending exterior house colors of 2019.


Read on to find out what the trending colors of the year are.  Who knows, one might speak to you.



Beige is a neutral tone that always gives a home a natural look, making it look sharp and exciting. The clay color is a more natural spin on beige that works very well with contrasting, bold colors. Creating a visual outlining, like using a clay color on the siding and crisp white shutters and corner strips, creates a great contrast, as well using a pop of color on the roof.


Moss Green

This color is a great way to change up the look of your home, creating earthy tones and natural aesthetics. It is a very popular color this year because it works very well with dark grey and cream colors. Using muted colors of white also works well with this color, so think of making this an accent.

moss green exterior paint house with red door
Image from Pinterest user Patti Bartolo pinterest.com

Soft Lemon

If your siding needs upgrading, think about using a soft lemon color. The key is to balance it and tone it down, so it doesn’t look childish. To balance it, think about using warmer hues, like beige.  It works great when pairing it with warm beige colors, transforming it into a mature, sophisticated palette.



An opal exterior gives your home a fresh and optimistic look, really capturing the spirit of tranquility of a home. When using opal siding, pair it with a light-colored roof and crisp white detailing to give your home even more of an airy and even heavenly look. If you’re looking for something to make it pop, add a bit of eccentric lime-colored details such as porch cushions, doorways or window-panes.


Smoky Red

This color helps elevate the look of your house by giving it a strong visual effect. Smoky red is better used with crisp white detailing along with window panes corner panel and porch railings. It’ll make your home stand out and leave an impression on your guests, as well as your neighbors. The color gives it a beautiful visual impact.

smoky red exterior paint house with blue trim
Image from decortip.com



Taupe is one of the most popular choices of paint color because of its neutrality. It’s considered a classic neutral.  It helps keep your home on the all-natural trend and make it feel even safer and more comfortable. It helps a house blend with its surroundings and makes a home look inspiring.


Blue Gray

Deep blue grays give a home a serene feeling and even giving it a nautical look. It is a great color to complement with white trim because it will help it pop. It will also match up beautifully with both light browns and/or pale blues for accents.


Light Blue

Blue tones like light blue or aqua can help provide a fresh facade to your home, helping enhance its architectural elements. Whether your home is by the coast or the suburbs, this color will be sure to provide a tranquil backdrop for shutters and doors that can be accented in bright hues.

light blue door paint exterior
Image from enidlewis.co

Cypress Green

A cross between green and gray, Cypress Green is a neutral color that is far from boring. It makes a great contrast with dark grey or even black shutters, making sure your home will be unique and a sight to see on your block.


Sable Brown

Amongst those dark and earthy tones, Sable Brown helps make a good statement. Painting shutters a bold color, like red, blue or black will complement this color beautifully and create a great curb appeal.

sable brown exterior paint color white garage house in the spring
Image from bobvila.com


If you’re looking to repaint your home’s exterior and try something new, give one of these trendy colors a try and you’ll be sure to give your home a much-needed upgrade and great curb appeal.






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